IRCD:: The Return

So, the IRCD is back up and running, new IP Address is, (we are still waiting in expectation of XName to update the IP address of to that real soon now, HOW IS THAT EMAIL ADDRESS GOING, DUSTY?).


IRCd Downtime (due to Linux)

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Since our awesome new IRCd hosters have decided that it would be no big deal to switch us from FreeBSD to Linux (without mentioning it at all).  Obviously that is ridiculous so now is looking for a new IRCd hoster, one that runs a BSD (Free or Open preferable, NetBSD acceptable).  Recommendations welcome. 
And this time it isn't our fault, though Dusty has to bear at least a little blame (ask him about my email address).

The new IP Address for is, so use /server until xname (being the epitome of quality DNS management that it is), updates the DNS.

IRCD Back up

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Thanks to Moth and Joolee the IRCD is now back up.
Measures are being put in place to prevent downtime in the future.
If you do have any problems please contact us by any means possible!!! Comments here, moth's or my msn/yahoo/icq/aim/gtalk/anything or the contact us thingy over there on that side, no no, the other side, STAGE LEFT!

Now come and idle with us you slackers!

In unrelated news: [Spunge]

IRCD Down for a bit

Hello all!!

The IRCD is down for now. So don't try connect to
This is due to problems getting money from south african banks to american banks. Pathetic in this day and age I know but we'll have the problem resolved asap.
We'll contact ya'll as soon as the IRCD is back up and running and ya'll better come and chat with us! Or we'll hunt you down and moth will infect you with a virus to wipe out all your data!!!HAHAHAHEHaheahehae.... ok not really, but pretend we're serious.

In unrelated news, watch District 9. Its AWESOME!

Everything Old Is New Again


You may have noticed a few freshly added links to the sidebar, and if you are really paying attention you'll probably realise they are not so much new, as returning links. 

The Chat Stats page has made its return almost unchanged, but the Guestbook and Pictures sections (now partially re-dubbed 'User Gallery') have been re-designed and re-built for your viewing pleasure. 

New to the Guestbook is the use of reCAPTCHA captchas to curb the tide of spam there and e-mail and URL filters, so those can be entered and not harvested by travelling spam-robots.

The Gallery (formerly Pictures) has been totally re-designed (The original 'design' was one huge page with thumbnails of all the pictures on it) and now features User Categories (basically indicating a chatter's frequency of chatting), multiple pages and an expanded Individual Picture page.  The new Individual Picture page now includes Nick, Description, URL and Status fields, as well as a means for people to comment on each picture (with a reCAPTCHA captcha to keep it spam free, of course). 

Both the Guestbook and Individual Picture pages have RSS feeds that you can add to your feed reader, Google Reader or Live Bookmarks.

Also recently added are a number of methods of connecting to our IRC servers: 

The last two should work anywhere web-browsing works.

Thank you, you may now return to your scheduled whatever it is you were doing.

IRC downtime

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Our primary IRC server is experiencing unexpected downtime, we will try to get it back online in a day or two.  In the meantime, connect to server for your IRC needs.  Our CGI is using Mibbit for the time being, so connect with that or use Java or a desktop IRC client.

Love and Nature IRC has MOVED!

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We have moved to a new IRC, and we're in control.

Details are as follows. IRC server is now: port 6667
Still in #love_and_nature

(We also have #help, #chat and #trivia)
Please make adjustments to your IRC client.


Standard Nickserv, Chanserv, Memoserv (if you are feeling
nostalgic, PeasantServ, TavernServ and ScrollServ do work).

Syntax: REGISTER password [email]

Registers your nickname in the NickServ database.  Once
your nick is registered, you can use the SET and ACCESS
commands to configure your nick's settings as you like
them.  Make sure you remember the password you use when
registering - you'll need it to make changes to your nick
later.  (Note that case matters!  ANOPE, Anope, and
anope are all different passwords!)

If you require assistance in connecting we're still on the old
server for a limited time.

If you require assistance registering or anything else, come
talk to us on the new server.


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Stats under (re-)construction

Our Beloved mothman is currently working on converting our stats to a revolutionary database system!!!

If you would like more information on the progress and changes, come and ask us in IRC.

We are improving mozfreeq much and much and stuff and encourage you to come and look at the changes we've made. Our mozfreeq is becoming one sexy AI bot.

Do you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see mozfreeq do? Let us know.


xchat downloads below. Ask us for IRC servers.

Kitty finds your sacrifice acceptable.

Donald is a mutant

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With the newest picture of Donald/Gajiru we finally have proof of what we always knew: he is a green blooded mutant.

The proof: the head growing from his arm:

xchat 2 for windows


if you have a need for a new xchat than version 1.8 and you're on windows you can get it here. Some people seem to like it, but others prefer the look of x-chat 1.8 which is still available here.

Stats reset



mozfreeq has finally settled down, so now the stats have been reset. You know what this means, CHAT you slackers!

Hello Windows Users!

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Tired of endless exploits against your widely used but rather insecure operating system? We recommend the Core Force security system. It protects your computer, learns your (inter)network habits keeping your computer safe from known and uknown exploits (Santa Claus Worm anyone?). In addition its based on OpenBSD's Pf packet filter, which is double plus good.

And Its Free.

Innocence in the Flesh!

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All right. So it's been forever since anybody has entered anything on here, so I have taken this duty upon myself. As moth would put it: slackers. Here are some updated pictures of me .... and one that practically radiates with my angelic innocence. The last one. :)


Another one in white, at the same time as the previous one.
Going partying. Yarr.
In a sweater, going to dinner.
Halloween image. In corset again. Just for snoops and nightshift. :) Why don't you go suck some cock?
Another Halloween one.
BIG SMOOCH! I miss my tan.
Picture taken for a Medieval Faire contest... I failed showing up though, so I don't think I won. ;_;
Doink. Doink.
Drunken night. 12/02/05. Fantastic. In my PJ shirt.
Really cold out. I love my hat. :) I look like a little girl.


mail problems?


We recently moved our server and did just general cleaning up of unneeded crap. If your or mail has stopped working, its for what we consider a good reason.

If you disagree feel free to discuss it with us.

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